Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chinatown - Al Bruno

I had so much fun doing the South Philly post from a few weeks ago that I had to do another one. A couple months back, I realized just how much I enjoy Chinatown; the people, the markets, how it sounds, everything. So I decided that would be a fun subject. What came out wasn't so much Chinatown as it is Asiatown, considering some of the aspects of this image. But whatev.

Mostly everything in this image was taken directly from Philly's Chinatown on or around 10th and Cherry Streets, with the exception of the parade dragon and the fireworks. I stole the idea of using a piece of art as a background from a super-cool illustrator named Jimi Benedict and his two particular pieces featuring Mario and Link; don't even get me started as to how rockin' those images are. For South Philly, I used Raphael, and for Chinatown, I used a beautiful Japanese samurai landscape which I ruined by covering it with Photoshop garbage. Anyhow, this one was great fun. Next up, The Navy Yard!

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This is better than your south philly one!