Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Week Fifty-Three: South Philly - Al Bruno

This is my Electric South Philly. The best part about this whole project was that my buddies John-Paul and Anthony took the walk all over 19147 and 48 to take each of these pictures.

The only unoriginal images are the Mummer and Raphael's Galatea in the background, and most of the sights I picked for the post have something to do with my youth. I had a stoplight to throw in there, but I couldn't figure out a good place for it. And I regret not putting an image of the Phillies in there, too, they were a rather significant part of my South Philly youth.




I'm jealous I couldn't think of a way to incorporate Frank Rizzo into my project.

Awesome as always, Alex.

Anonymous said...

You hit my favorite world's best/worst diner and my favorite mural! <3Mello

Tony Trov said...

"Hi my name is Alex...Oh here's some gold."