Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Week Fifty-Three: South Philly

Everyone gets reflective around their birthday, and we at TH got to thinking, how does our location contribute to our identity? To find out, we’ll be examining our very own neighborhood, South Philly. For our contributors who aren’t from the neighborhood, may we suggest mocking us or calling attention to our idiosyncrasies.

The short film seen above, made by none other than our very own Johnny Zito, is titled South Philly: A Visual Documentary. It features many sights of South Philadelphia set to a familiar and very accurate tune by Louis Prima. Whadaya thingadat?

See youse on Tuesday.

Edit: As per Tony's comment, it is in fact Sam Butera, not Louis Prima, responsible for the accurate tune. So much for that degree.

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Tony Trov said...

That's Sam Butera not Louie Prima. I thought you went to Penn...