Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Week Fifty-Five: Dumb and Dumber

You remember the movie, I know you do. That laugh-a-minute adolescent comedy has come back to tickle us here at TH as we continue the light and humorous tone. Of course, you submitters out there on the internets don't have to conform to the movie alone, you can send in anything dumb. We do it all the time, completely unprovoked.

Anyhoo, here is a scene from the film that would certainly be classified as "dumber." Lloyd, one of the film's protagonists, is having a dream sequence involving the elaborate manner in which he would impress his lady friend. He'd wine her, dine her, and proceed to fight kung-fu style for her honor. It's a simple formula: sight gags + funny sound effects = comic gold.

C U 2's-day.

1 comment:

Tony Trov said...

yeah that video is pretty dumb.