Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Week Forty-Nine: Hipster

“Hey, Man, what’s going on, Man? Oh, this blog is rad, Man, totally digging the free submission policy. Yeah, Man, you should put up some pictures of your decoupage toothbrush pieces. No, Man, you can do it after your theramin set at open mic night. Yeah, Man, your new glasses look fine, their thickness is spot on. We’re so rad, Man.”

We don’t make fun of too many people (aside from ourselves) here at TH, but Hipsters make a pretty good target. The image here is a Philadelphia Weekly cover published some time ago, and with it comes a rather hilarious (but somewhat dated) article written by an unaccredited sardonic Scot that is absolutely worth a read. Music, [f]art, politics, style of clothing and hair; all these and more can be made fun of this week. We’re pretty excited for the results.

No hard feelings, Man.

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