Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week Forty-Nine: Hipster - Chris

Haha! I snuck onto my coworkers computer to scan this while she was at lunch. But I couldn't find where it saved the original file, so some day she will undoubtedly discover this on her hard drive and wonder what the hell it is all about.

Anyway, we don't really have hipsters in Spain. In fact I think I have only met one hipster in my life. At least I think he was a hipster. He was a big fan of Spoon and Neutral Milk Hotel. And he was wearing snake skin boots (not pictured). Anyway, this is a police sketch based on my recollection of him. I have highlighted the important features.


Al said...

Welcome back, C$, this is hilarious. The notes are great, and the torn edge along the top is a nice touch.

Mello said...

Wow. Despite being my mortal enemy, you are pretty brilliant.

ckh said...

"There is perhaps no surer way to judge the measure of a man, than to gauge the brilliance of his nemesis." -Benjamin Franklin


This is great.

It's even drawn in a hipster style.