Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Week Forty-Eight: 2007 - Al Bruno

I'm not typically a lyricist, and by no stretch of the imagination am I a poet. But from time to time, typically around New Year's or my buddy Dave's birthday, I've been known to write a limerick. For those who regularly view this blog; you will probably find it, if not amusing, at least familiar because you know most of our inside jokes. For the others; sorry, this won't be much fun. So here goes:

Here we are once again with some verse;
I promise, you won’t hear one curse.
But the jokes, you may find
Unsettl’ing of mind
And perhaps just a bit too perverse.

Oh, where should poets begin
To tell of the mirth and the sin.
Fare thee well, Year ’07,
And surely to heaven,
But not PJ with tonic and gin.

Now the house, it has come a long way.
With new floors and new paint, we portray
An air of pure class,
With the “gold” brought en masse,
Though we cannot but help look most gay.

But illness was held off this year
With no twists of the testicle spheres.
Yet the poop, like mosquito,
How it pestered poor Zito,
The lad with “little baby ears.”

Some months back, there were bombs of the fairy,
And deft Trov ventured ‘cross the great prairie.
Dennis browsed on YouTube,
Hired PJ, pwned n00b’s,
Quite a year for this brother Scoleri.

Pray tell; let us turn to our pet,
For we have not spoke word of her yet.
She’s still very lazy,
Has gone slightly crazy.
Her fancy? Our living room set.

Now my reflux, it doth still survives,
As when women at our house arrive.
“I’m the gayest,” well maybe,
Though not a “Wee baby,”
I was shown how immortals did drive.

With this stanza, I’ll cram it all in;
“Push it,” HIT, and the art blog begin.
Knut, Hot Movies, and One Cup,
New electric, dog throw up,
And balloons fill Trov’s room for the win.

I hope that I gave you no blues,
As for the poor jokes, please excuse.
Luck and health in Naught-eight.
More fun years, we await,
And 12 months ‘till more verse from my muse.


CresceNet said...

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I think your limerick got spamed above.

Regardless, that was epic.

Thanks, Al.

Tony Trov said...

I agree with crescenet.