Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Week Fifty: Warrior Race - Mello

As my hand-drawn picture shows… he has the body of a spider, and armor like a beetle, his wingspan is that of a lady-bug, and he has pincers like an ant. Similar to the arachnid, he has eight legs but the difference lies in his hind legs, which are large like a grasshopper’s.

I have named him INVINCEABUG.

Clearly he is the warrior race of insects, made of the best parts of all bugs. I assume that he was born when a grasshopper, beetle, daddy long legs and a fire ant were caught in Russian Missile export during the cold-war and their DNA was fused into one being. Why he has taken refuge in my house is unclear, but nothing can kill him. Trust me, I’ve tried everything.

I think he has special powers.

Here I show INVINCEABUG in detail, including his hind legs, which I am convinced emit supersonic waves that can control your thoughts, his antenna that I assume penetrate and alter
radio waves and his icy stare. He’s deaf and blind, but finds his way through sonar. He can jump like a flea, but he can also fly. Oh, and this is completely an assumption based on loose facts… but I think he MAY cause cancer.

INVINCEABUG is clearly a remarkable mutation of what, I am almost certain, will be the warrior race of insects that will destroy all of humanity in 2012.


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Wow, that is an icy stare...

Is is possible that bug has seen combat? Maybe prison time?

You gotta have seen some shit to earn a crazy look like that.