Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week Forty-Four: Tired - Al Bruno

I was a bit tired this week, so I decided to phone it in. Here we have TH contributor PJ Maitino, with yours truly, taking a nap at the end of Big Mel's Halloween party. No, we were not placed in those positions as some type of practical joke, and yes, we were really asleep. A day on the Falcon can be pretty tiring.

There actually is a bit of [f]art in this image, though. PJ's costume, the mercurial but loyal Chewbacca, took many man hours to glue ribbons of yarn to a sweat suit and a whole evening to attach individual strands to the headpiece. It was a team effort, and PJ was quite the wookie-trooper as he had to wear the outfit, including the headpiece, and remain still for hours on end.

Thanks to Mel for taking the photo.

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