Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week Forty-Two: Least Favorite Cartoon Character - Mello

I love cartoons so much that I don't have a most hated character, or even a slightly hated character. I imagine that the only way I can hate a character is if it were based on
Adolf Hitler.

Here Lil' Hit is candidly caught sleeping on a Nazi Monger's boot! I bet he's dreaming of failing out of art school and invading Poland!

This was created with staff paper, a red marker that I stole from work and my sick sense of humor.

OK WAIT! Take that back. I really hate Lil' Bush. Not because it's based on (easily) the most idiotic leader this nation has seen in decades, but because it fell so short on the humor scale, it nearly disgusts me.



Al said...

What does the text say, Ms. Mello?

mello said...

Hitler says: "I sleep!"
And the bottom says "Very sweet!"