Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week Forty-Two: Least Favorite Cartoon Character - Al Bruno

This is my actual least favorite cartoon character, a biologically "correct" version of a snork. Apparently, the Snorks were born from a Belgian comic like their blue Smurf cousins, but never quite caught on like the lilliputian Funkes. I never liked them, definitely one of those change-the-channel cartoons.

I modeled this guy after an axolotl, the rare Central American perpetual tadpoles. Unlike the Snorks, they're pretty cool, and they can regenerate their limbs.

Pencil and paper, color in Photoshop.


MELLOoooo said...

Al. This is where we greatly disagree, I loved the snorks.
Forget it, this marriage will never work.

ckh said...

Al, it pains me deeply to my soul to agree with my sworn enemy, Mello, but the Snorks are way more awesome that you will ever be so just leave them alone!

And they are way cooler than any latino tadpoles. Do your tadpoles have octopi as pets? I didn't think so.