Thursday, November 8, 2007

Week Forty-One: Least Favorite Cartoon Character

Most of us have watched cartoons at some point in our lives. Actually, most of us at the Tasker House still watch cartoons regularly. Animated characters have those wonderful qualities of elasticity, humor, and sometimes introspection (just to name a few) that are sometimes absent in their fleshy counterparts. But now and again, there comes a sprite that just doesn’t cut it. This week, we’re examining our Least Favorite Cartoon Character.

Pictured here is one of the lamest of the lame, the Great Gazoo. Three words can best be used to describe him: jumping the shark. C’mon, Hanna Barbara! You’ve honed in on the incapable-chubby husband/smart-sexy wife formula perfectly, and then you go and introduce a Lilliputian 1960’s teleporting space alien to two stone-age buffoons? C’mon!

See you all on Tuesday.

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