Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week Thirty-Six: Halloween - Chris

The question of where zombies come from has always been hotly disputed. Some have suggested that the dead rise for supernatural reasons, while others paint the zombie infection as a type of pandemic. Others still describe deliberate scientific efforts to reanimate the dead. While I have always been partial to supernatural explanations, it is hard to deny that the Rolling Stones' continued success provides very strong evidence for the deliberate reanimation theory.

Here the zombie Stones perform a Halloween concert. Even zombie Brian Jones showed up, only to find that the band still doesn't want him around.

I drew and inked this by hand, then scanned it and colored it in Photoshop. I've never tried drawing caricatures of real people before. I was surprised to find that Mick was the hardest (I think the profile view was a bad choice) but I'm actually pretty happy with Keith and Ron. And Brian Jones... well who the hell remembers what Brian Jones looked like anyway?

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Al said...

This is great, the colors and shadows came out wonderfully. How'd you enjoy coloring the scan?