Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week Thirty-Six: Halloween - Al Bruno

So this is my take on the macabre works of Edward Gorey, the man who was the influence for many spooky specialists, including Tim Burton. His works have this wonderful feeling of New England winters with disheartening solitude, and everything is covered in bone dust and cobwebs. It's some great stuff, especially The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

This image was just a mess of lines, and I had said to Zito while I was drawing that I probably should have used a quill; my lines are entirely too heavy. I really like Halloween, and I felt bad not depicting some of the more pleasant aspects of the holiday. From an artistic standpoint, the fall colors and evening lights would have been a blast to draw, and the holiday itself is loads of fun. Oh well, maybe I'll do another drawing for kicks.



ckh said...

I'd say you've done an excellent job. Also, you've made me realize what I want as my epitaph.

joe bruno said...

This looks like Halloween as depicted by Lovecraft. A good thing for sure.