Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week Thirty-Seven: October

We will continue our hallowed celebration by turning to the month of October as this week’s topic. Originally the eighth month, as indicted by the octo- prefix, October was bumped two months ahead when the Julian Calendar was implemented in 45 BC.

Most of us know the month for its changing leaves, the fall harvest, and brisk evenings (not to mention a previously examined holiday). Some of the more romantic colors of the season are captured here by mid-western/New York artist William Merritt Chase in his October. Interstingly, Chase has local ties as his first major work, “Keying Up” – The Court Jester, won him a medal at the Centenial Exposition in 1876. The piece now finds its home at PAFA. Thanks, Wikipedia!

See you all next week, as our fall festivities continue.

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