Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week Thirty-Seven: October - Al Bruno

So I won’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy The Adventures of Pete and Pete, or how I believe it to be one of the most creative shows to be aired on television. The de jure and de facto rules of the playground were upheld even by the International Adult Conspiracy, and the wonderfully quirky Wellsvillian universe, its varied characters and unique soundtrack bring back a warm nostalgia for me. Most important to this topic, though, is that many of the episodes take place in the fall (the others mostly in the summer, ugh) with a look and feel that reminds me distinctively of October.

I started this one on Thursday night and basically kept adding characters up until today trying to keep the autumnal theme present throughout. There are some characters conspicuously missing, including Teddy, Bill, crossing guard Frank Gulcher, and any one of Little Pete’s enemies, but I unfortunately ran out of time. There were some fantastic episodes and shorts with surprising cameos, and despite the show’s cult following, the third and final season has yet to be released on DVD.



Joe Bruno said...

As I knew it would, this just became the wallpaper on the new comp.

Tony Trov said...

This is why nobody likes you.

Mello!!!!! said...

LOVED that show, did you know up until 2004 they were playing it (along with Clarissa Explains it All) on channel 132?!


Al, you should do a whole Nickelodeon series.

I vote Salute Your Shorts next.