Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week Thirty-Five: Germs - Johnny Zito

Dr. Mario says, watch out for skanks.

-Johnny Zito


ckh said...

My favorite part is Mario's knowing, thumbs-up smile.

Al said...

There's nothing not funny about this.

ckh said...

Also, you'll probably appreciate this. Might be the best frame from any comic ever.

Have you been reading the All Star Batman and Robin series? Is it any good?



Chris, ASB&R is good if you like Batman cranked up to 11 with no sense of irony. It's almost like Frank Miller is writing a caricature of Frank Miller. Some people love it, I think it's entertaining but not if you're looking for a good Batman Story.

All Star Superman, on the other hand, is out of this world good. I got Al to read the first six. Very trippy - very heady stuff, packaged in silver age ascetics.

You want good Batman? Long Halloween in trade - and writer on the current tittle has been doing a BANG UP job. Although if you wait a few months that'll all be in trade and available in Spain at, like, Borders or something.

That panel is great though. I think it takes place right after Black Canary says the Bat-Mobile sounds "queer" - I shit you not.