Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Week Thirty-Eight: Mischief

Well, kiddies, we're about halfway done with our Fall/Halloween extravaganza. This week, we will be celebrating the practices of All Hallow's Eve Eve; Mischief. Flingin' eggs, throwin' TP, and poopin' in bags don't have their history with stellar calendars, but they've become a twisted kind of tradition.

Here we have one of the more famous mischief makers of the last two decades, Bartholomew Jojo Simpson. And tumbling behind him is one of adulthood's famous mischief makers, Homer Jay Simpson. In this familiar image, Bart has incurred the mischief while Homer seeks to rectify it, but a wayward roller skate has become his downfall.

See you next Tuesday, you little scamps.

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