Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week Thirty-Four: War - Al Bruno

I thought of these issues for the topic of War because of the recent sentiment (echoing past sentiments) of many Americans surrounding the current war. The wars I chose to depict on the Arlington headstones are debatable, but there was some thought in their selection. Autumn, of course, was chosen because many of those honored at Arlington never have seen that period of their lives.

I drew a little sketch during the day, and decided to photograph it leaving the texture of the paper visible. I adjusted the image in Photoshop leaving a bit of a sepia tone, and then did a quick brushing under the content layer. I'm not too crazy about the color of the sky, and looking at it now, I probably should have just omitted it altogether.

Paper and pencil, edited in Photoshop.


The Estate said...

It would seem these soldier saw the end of their respective wars.

Love your pallet.

ckh said...

This is great. Really love the feel of the scene. I can't believe this wasn't colored by hand.

joe bruno said...

If Chris wasn't here first, I'd have said everything he did. Amazing work, Al.