Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week Thirty-Five: Germs

This week’s topic is certainly something to sneeze at, kids. Germs, those disgusting little microbes we’ve known about since we were children, are coming back to bug us with more than just the sniffles. Whether you depict these pathogens as little fuzzy purple guys or the manner in which they manifest in a host, this week is sure to be fun and quirky.

Seen here is the work of Amy Vangsgard, a clay sculptor with a varied portfolio full of colorful work. She sculpts these detailed reliefs from a polymer clay, bakes them, and adds some acrylic color. This guy here was published in an AARP bulletin conjoined to an article about antibacterial soap and its interaction with antibiotics.

You should be feeling better soon; the lab results will be in by Tuesday.

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