Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Week Twenty-Nine: Jerks

Who do we think we are? “Ehr, I’m going to make art.” Pretentious. “Uhh, let me express my creativity.” Garbage. “Huhr, look at what I did.” Self-centered. Tell you what, if we weren’t friends with ourselves, we’d think we were a bunch of real Jerks, especially that Al Bruno character. Jerk.

The illustration above is titled Veggie Jerks, and it’s from the very endearing portfolio of Jared Chapman. On his site, the caption reads, “That new guy is weird,” and it’s the perfect example of ostracizing an individual because of their differences, a real jerk move. This topic has a ton of wiggle (or jerk) room, so the submissions should be varied and interesting.

See you next Tuesday, you jerk-face.

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