Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Week Twenty-Eight: Feud - Melissa

This weeks title is "You Fight Like Cats and ... Mice?" Anyone who has a brother, sister, close cousin, best friend, or anything of the sort knows first hand that the closer you are with someone, the better chance you have of getting into a fight with them. But they also know that THEY and only THEY are the only ones allowed to fight with them like that. Growing up everyone has seen Tom and Jerry go at it, but every so often there would be a time where they would have to collaborate together against the dog. They might fight, and Itchy and Scratchy may kill each other constantly, but let someone else try and mess with any of them because going against the two as a team would a be a choice they should have not made. Just as any sibling duo would know.


Al said...

Survey says!? "Awesommmme."


It's kind of racist to imply that all mice are related, isn't it?