Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Week Twenty-Two: Gangster - Al Bruno


So this is what a 1930's gangster would look like if he was a robot. I wanted to give him a Futurama look, so I used the segmented arms and neck, shoulder fins, and a single wheel.

I drew the robot first in flash, and then decided to paint on top of the outline. This project really broke my brain, it was a tough paint. I'm not content with the perspective shape of the body, and the laser reflection should have also been shining off of the body and the front of the tommy-ray. I still don't have Painter down, I'm having difficulty depicting what I have in my head. I just hope a disgruntled robot from the nostalgic-future doesn't come to vaporize me out of disapproval.

Flash and Painter.


joe bruno said...

This man is my brother, and he's done me proud here. Awesome picture, Al.


Beat everyone again this week I see, Al.

Melissa Impo said...

Yea for real ... way to out-do everyone yet again Al Bruno!

ckh said...

Awesomeness, Al. My favorite part is how you create something awesome then proceed to tear it down in your description.

Honestly, if you beat yourself up this much when you do something awesome, I'd hate to see you if you churned out the crap that I tend to submit!