Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Week Twenty-Three: Profanity

So Tony, of Tasker House fame, recently used an online tool to discover that our website has (or had) a G Rating. Subsequently, when posting Chris' Gangster submission, Al thought it best to maintain this rating by censoring a choice word in his write-up. Well, it's all going out the window this week.

It's called a lot of things; cursing, cussin', swearing, foul-mouthed, etc. And when used properly, it's can be shocking or hilarious. Please direct your attention to the video above to examine the latter result. A viral video from a few months ago, it shows The Big Lebowski in it's entirety minus everything but the F-notes. Also, check out The Aristocrats for some creative uses of profanity (with a good bit of obscenity). This one's for you, Dude.



Pj, Dennis and Nick are all expected to submit this week since they're all such experts on the matter.


P.S. - What were you thinking? Censoring someone on the Eve of the Fourth?

Are you mad?