Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Week Twenty-Three: Profanity - Al Bruno

I jacked this image from one I had seen a long, long time ago. It was basically the same thing, a middle-finger making the "'eff you" face, but I can't remember the artist or the website for the life of me. Please post a comment if you know who did the original image; I'd like to know because the artist had other awesome (and milder) pieces, as well. But it was a great idea, wish I could claim it as my own.

But this is my take on it with some outstanding differences (at least based on my memory). I did the hand outline in Flash and concentrated on making it coarse, with overlapping lines and varying thicknesses. I added the background with splotches in Paintshop, as well as the hand's color, which is just a chalk brush. I wanted to keep it rough looking, so I just made the boundaries on pretty much everything ill defined.


Fran Bruno said...

Al Bruno: I always knew the apple didn't fall far from the tree. If there was ever a true obsean gesture that little hand is it! I love it and will use it first chance I get. Love and @*X#, Fran Bruno

Anonymous said...

To me, this is more shocking than seeing the Pope coming out of a bordello.
The big Chump

Mello said...

Oh Fran, I ought to print that out and show some people we know.

joe bruno said...

Mom wasn't joking. She flipped me off accidentally while talking about the picture. I didn't say anything.
As far as the picture goes... Why does it seem like something I'd see in an Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode? (I mean that in a good way.)


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