Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week Twenty-Six: Lost - Mello

From Mello:
I have a hardcore crush on Matthew Fox who plays Dr. Jack Shepard on ABC’s Lost.

He is devastatingly attractive – it does horrible things to me. However, I am instantly turned off as soon as I think of that whole mess known as Party of Five otherwise known as that sappy mess Fox put out about ten years ago (maybe more?)

After my last submission I thought I would keep things a little lighter – and yes, it’s not an art project. It’s just a picture that I wrote on top of – I fully admit that!




I forgot he was on Party of Five.

They never showed it in any of the flashbacks :)

Melissa Impo said...

Hahaha I forgot he was on Party of Five too ... they need to stick Lacey Chabert on the Island now too ...