Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week Twenty-Six: Lost - Melissa

From Melissa:
This week's topic is something I know very well... at least, i did before my baby got me Magellan; my GPS.

I used to get lost going everywhere from the corner store to across the city. Now, no matter where I go I don't have a problem finding my way because of it, but what if I ended up somewhere that Magellan didn't recognize? Somewhere completely off the map and out of my way?? I'd be out of luck, I guess. Especially if I ended up in a Dali painting which you could get lost in anyway.

So, thanks to my baby for helping me never get lost again and the idea.

-Big Mel



I really like how this turned out. The reflection of the landscape on the car hood is fantastic.

Al said...

Wow, Big Mel, you were really lost on that road trip. "Is that a fractal?" It looks wicked cool, the GPS screen and windshield are seamless.