Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week Twenty-Seven: R and R

Oh boy, after a tough week of being lost, we're deciding to take a bit of a break. Well, not really. To celebrate a half-year of posting, we thought some Rest and Relaxation would be in order. The phrase - or abbreviation - was originally a U.S. Military acronym ("RnR") to describe a time of leave, but it has since become a colloquialism in greater America.

And how comfortable are these two? Snoopy and Woodstock were the wonderfully colorful and sometimes lethargic creations of Charles Schultz, perhaps one of the world's most famous cartoon artists. His work was syndicated in thousands of newspapers across 70 odd countries for decades, making the Peanuts strip one of the most prevalent and popular ever drafted. Not bad for a boy and his dog.

Hope that you make some time to stop by next Tuesday.

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