Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Week Twenty-Four: Heartbreak - Melissa

From Melissa:
This week I decided to draw something for a change and I thought of what is something simple that breaks my heart. You mentally prepare yourself for a snack or a treat of some sort and every so often when you go to that specified place where that treat, cookie or goodie is kept, you realize that there is no more. The last of your treat is taken, eaten, gone. It's heartbreaking in a small sense and everyone has felt it one time or another and here this doggie is feeling it a little more.

-Big Mel


Al said...

Sad animals break my heart, too, Mel. Big time. The dog's expression is wonderful.


I like his his head cocked to the side.

It's like the absolute moment of realization.

Anonymous said...

Rocky totally ate all that dog's treats. Rocky FTW