Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Week Twenty-Four: Heartbreak - Al Bruno

I made this image a while ago, about the same time as my very first Self Portrait post on this blog. I suppose the overwhelming ideas here are isolation and desolation, hence the smaller figure on a broad, dark background, along with "simple" sadness. I feel these are three (of many) overwhelming feelings associated with heartbreak. I had been goofing around in Flash with the idea of minimal representations of objects, and this is actually one of the more detailed images I made out of that set. The tear is a bit of cheese, but without it, the guys looks like he just has a stomach ache.



mello said...

Al - amazing again. I think it would work without the tear as long as the explanation came with it. Sometimes crying doesn't come with tears but rather wincing.

Joe Bruno said...

Conversely, sometimes crying comes with bowel movements... really painful ones.
Nice work there Al. Sorry or not submitting this week, but I really wanted to grab painter from you for my idea and by the time it entered my mind on how to get it to work without it I had a good hour or so before due. Long story short: Heartbreak at the self. Example used for picture: Guy with an alcohol problem.
Oh yeah, and Zelda... can't forget that getting in the way... Totally worth it.

The Big Chump said...

Hey buddy, your brother is nuts. I let you know what I think as soon as I figure out what is is.