Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Week Twenty-Five: Flight - Joe Bruno

From Joe:
When thinking about flight there's a fascination that comes to all but the most stuffy peoples' minds. Capturing this fascination is one of the few fictional settings that hasn't been beaten into the ground: the sky. Mention a story involving people living amongst the clouds and you've already caught their interest.

I tried to capture a piece of a world I came up with involving floating islands. I also tried to make the furthest isle a somewhat foreboding mass of civilization; a city that stands out when the majority of the islands have a much more natural look. I kept it vague, however, so as not to define anything about its place in the world or the inhabitant it houses. The end result looks like a mountain, which isn't physically possible without tectonic plates colliding, but said plates could also never lift off so I'm just writing it off and saying everything that was interesting is inside the mountain. I win.

As for the actual act of flight itself, I decided to keep that in the imagination of whomever looks at the picture. I made the world, and I'm leaving it for you in which to play. (Personally, it'd so be flying pirate ships.)


Bralex said...

Yeah! Chalk up a good-looking number two for Broseph. Keep them coming, Buddy.

The Big Chump said...

Pow, zoom right to the moon Alice.
Very good, I am impressed.