Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Week Twenty-One: Unites States of America

This week we will pay homage to our home, the Unites States of America. A very broad topic, we hope to see beautiful landscapes, political observations, and maybe even images that remind us of the virtues we've lost as a nation.

One of the principle rights of any citizen is romanticized here by Norman Rockwell in his work Freedom of Speech. It is part of a set entitled Four Freedoms, some of Rockwell's best known work, all of which were originally summarized by President Franklin Roosevelt in a State of the Union address. Note the blue collar on the speaking man, his leather bomber and coarse complexion. Most other figures are facing him, as if his contribution was unexpected among the white-collared, jacketed crowd. Also, his overall appearance strongly resembles another political outsider who is held dear in our nation's sentiments.

Exercise your right and participate. See you next Tuesday.

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