Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Week Twenty: Boxing - Mello

From Mello:
Based on an old Barnum and Bailey freak show poster for "Dwarf Boxing" where Barnum (Or Bailey, I forget which) holds two little men in his hand - and they are boxing! Brilliant!

I had hoped to recreate this image using photographs of my cat in mini boxing gloves in my own hands, but my cat would have none of that mess. So here's my quick drawing (done in work, I might add) of the project that never was.

Also included: a close up of the "Boxing Cats."

- Mello


Al said...

I guess cats would box no other way than on their hind legs, but the drawing still makes me giggle. Fantastic submission, Ms. Mello.

Melissa Impo said...

I love the boxing cats ... they are super cute ...