Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Week Nineteen: "It's hot in this suit."

It's June, and it's hot. And if you wear a shirt and tie to work, it's really hot. So this week's topic is the phrase, "It's hot in this suit." We've shied away from the traditional one or two-worded title, and we're hoping that you all take the phrase and run with it.

Pictured here is The Carpeted Man of the famous Civic Minded Five, The City's most famous team of super heroes. The CMF were regular characters in the Tick universe, and frankly, they were gosh-darn hilarious. The gift that The Carpeted Man bestowed upon humanity was his catch phrase, "It's hot in this suit," a very appropriate sentiment for a man wrapped in berber.

Submit you're work and check back next Tuesday for the results. Stay cool, bloggers!

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