Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Matter of Business

We have a matter of business to attend to here at The Tasker House. Our Archive tab off to the lower right is beginning to get a bit crowded, so we've decided to enact a new criterion for making it into that section. The notion is as follows:

If an artist maintains a one-third submission rate, he or she will be included by name in the Archives section via meta tags. For example, if Jack were to submit 8 pieces by Week 24, his name will appear. However, if Jack submits only 8 by Week 27, he's out of luck.

Keep in mind, though, this gives everyone the chance to be featured, so long as you keep posting. It's win-win for everyone, because we want all the participants to submit frequently. And if not, no worries, because your work will still make it to the site with your name right in the title. So get going, don't miss a week and you'll be featured soon!

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