Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Week Thirteen: Evolution - Al Bruno

So this week was my first photo submission, as well as my first "photoshopped" submission. The general opinion thus far (meaning Tony and JPZ) has been "creepy." The idea here is that there is no evolutionary benefit to having a pinkie (at least not at present), and perhaps the only reason it remains as a phenotype is because athletes, guitar players, and those who use obscene gestures procreate often. Darwin is spinning in his grave.

I had a pretty tough time with this week's topic, and my evolved hand was the third choice for the subject after a few failed ideas. There is some apparent sloppiness in the full-size image, too, which drives me crazy after looking at it.

I composed this image by taking two pictures framed the same way, layering the images with the hand above the background, and then removing my finger from the top layer with a soft eraser and highlighting the newly traced edge along the medial side of my hand. This was actually done in Paintshop; I unfortunately don't own Photoshop.


Melissa Impo said...

Maybe we wont have pinkies in our next lives ...

Al said...

I just wanted to say that I hope I didn't offend anyone who may be missing a finger, either due to a medical anomaly or because of an accident. This image was in no way intended to connote inability.


There goes Al Bruno making everybody feel bad about themselves.

Either you're not evolved enough to have four fingers


Your disabled cause you only have four fingers.