Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Week Fourteen: Scar - Al Bruno

After a conversation with PJ about plausible actors in the next installment of the new Batman franchise, I decided to depict Harvey Dent/Two-Face. They are two of my favorite characters (let alone my favorite villains) and personify Jekyll and Hyde, the Phantom, and chance all while paralleling the "hero." Good stuff. Dent is emotionally scarred to begin with, and it pours out beyond control as a new identity after his disfigurement.

As far as the image goes, I modelled the scarred side from the art of Tim Sale, who illustrated Batman: The Long Halloween (thanks, Zito). I liked the turned in, burnt lips, painfully stretched skin, and overexposed eye; it physically hurts Two-Face as much as it drives him mad. I did take some liberty with the wisps of bleached hair, and I should have included the two-tone suit. As far as the Dent side, it kind of looks like this attorney from Center City who I see all the time.

Entirely in Painter.


Melissa Impo said...

Awesome Al Bruno ... like the colors a lot ...


The bleached hair is inspired. Never saw it like that in the comics.