Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Week Eleven: Epic - Al Bruno

There are a couple of things I wanted to accomplish with this week's submission.

I thought to do a Samurai because I think of the history as "epic," and it's different from the more frequent dragon or knight. I found this great image by an artist named Nathan Rosario, and the style lent itself perfectly to something else I wanted to try. I previously came across the work of Dan Zettwoch who developed an interesting technique of using Wite-Out and Sharpie on cardboard. I did some test runs and realized that it wasn't going to look how I wanted it to, at least not without more practice or talent on my part, so I opted out of using the Wite-Out.

Ultimately, I pencil drew the figure on brown bag paper line-for-line with Rosario's and inked over that. His is disgustingly good and there are some serious errors in mine, so it hurts me to look at them juxtaposed. But I'm really glad I did this week's submission by hand, I had wanted to practice some straight drawing. The project also took me an estimated 7 hours total over the course of three days; my most epic submission thus far.


Mello said...

This turned out amazing!
You do such wonderful things, Al Bruno.

I must stop by with some jelly beans. Perhaps Thursday!

Emi said...

I hate you.

Melissa Impo said...

This is ridiculously good ... as always ... Good job Al Bruno ...

Anonymous said...

Alex, very good. I must say this is the best one you did to date. I wish I could send one to all of you. This is a great idea for a project and I am amazed at all of the talent in your circle of friends. Reverting back to the 70's
"Keep on Truckin'"


Tony Trov said...

You went hyperlink krazy