Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Week Nine: Uncomfortable - Mello

From Ms. Mello:
Title: Oh Shit!

This is my tribute to all of the times that my purse has fallen and everything deemed "embarrassing" sprung forth for all to see (and scrutinize). Some of these things include: Tampons, pills, maxi pads, antibiotic ointment, medicine, and an embarrassing CD. I know you feel me, ladies.

- Mello



Dig the font.

It looks like a very cheerful post card from a rehab clinic.

Al said...

I imagine the CD to be the Spice Girls. Is that odd? Loving the list of "embarrassing" items.

Meesh said...

This has happened to me many times before. I hate it. True story...Once I bought a friend a pregnancy test because she was too scared to go buy one herself.. I saw my boyfriend later on that day and the purse spilled, the test box fell out, his mom was there... AAAAAAWAKWAAAAAARRD!!! I was like.. um..NO, NOOOOOOO, no no no, no you just... no. this isn't what u think it is... then i wished for death to come.
Later, I told my friend if she wasn't pregnant, I was going to kill her.

Tony Trov said...

antibiotic ointment is my favorite part.

Melissa Impo said...

Has happened waaaaaaaaaaaay too many times ... lots of times Trov did this to me on purpose ... bastard!!