Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Week Six: God - Nick

From Nick:
If you ask a religious person what God is, no matter what faith they are they will answer the same basic way. God always was and always will be. He can never be created or destroyed. He is inside of everything in the universe and He created the universe. Now if you ask a scientist what energy is they will all say the same thing in whatever language they speak. Energy always was and always will be. It can never be created or destroyed. It is inside of everything in the universe and it created the universe.

So if God and energy are two names for the same thing, which I believe is true than to paint a picture of God is to paint energy as a form. And people usually use the human form to represent God because that is what they are familiar with. So I decided that the best representation of human beings harnessing energy, using soundwaves which are vibrations (also energy), and imagery (light, again energy) to make the biggest impact on the world was the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles. They used many different forms of energy including the energy they felt in touch with while on LSD to spread happiness and love to an incredibly large and unprecidented amount of people. So since I can't just submit the actual artwork for Sgt. Pepper because that's just cheating I am submitting this graphic I made this week with Mike Vivas for the band. It took Vivas and Frank 4 hours to download all of the pictures and it took me 14 hours of photoshop to present the final product. The high res version is like 50MB and it's fucking awesome but this one is cool too.

Check out Nick's Music submission. My apologies for not getting it up sooner.


Tony Trov said...

We should charge you for ad space with that picture.


I didn't know you were in a band.

I like most of your selections. What's with Dakota Fanning?

mello said...

You have a pink garden flamingo AND the cave man from the geico ads, that's awesome

Melissa Impo said...

I always knew you thought you were a god but now the proof is underway ...