Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Week Two: Work - Al Bruno

This covers most of the ideas; monotony, seclusion, working hand-to-mouth, etc. And, of course, I copied Rube (although this is a production loop, not a unidirectional task machine) because his wonderful work was all about expending an unnecessary amount of energy while performing a mundane task, much like this week’s topic. Still shy of that genuine pre-WWII style, though. Pencil on paper.


Melissa said...

Your details are great and I love the concept

Anthony said...

Al originally had his character smiling. I told him that he was probably going to be the only person who had a positive view on work. He then pointed out how the picture depicts "monotony, seclusion, working hand-to-mouth, etc.".
So the next day I saw the picture and Al literally flipped the mouth upside down. It was cool to see the overly excited smile turn into a frantic facial expression.
Al Breezy, you rule.