Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Week Four: Music - Mello

From Mello:
Despite being a performing cellist for (now) half of my physical life, I found this week’s topic incredibly difficult. I was unsure of how I would visually describe music (which encompasses the visual and aural) and make it tangible to both the musician and the non-musician. So I dug through old stacks of my work until I came across what is listed above.

The following is a painting, which was initially about the Pettossima legend. However, the more I examined the painting, the more it resembled my understanding of "music". I believe that the elements of this week's topic are comprised of varying colors and textures, of which blend and exchange, to create one chaotic umbrella term: "music".

There is no archetype for "music", there are only personal representations which are shaped by our culture, our experience and our understanding of such happenings.

Oil on Canvas, Early 2006.



Melissa said...

I really like this - great colors!


You musicians like to make it up as you go :)

mello said...

Oh no, you've figured us out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

al said...

I'm really enjoying this painting. Ever the polyhistor, Ms. Mello, very impressive.

P.S. My mom hearts you.

mello said...

THanks Al Bruno.

P.S. I heart your mom.
I also heart you.