Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Week Four: Music - Johnny Zito

I have no musical talent, I can't even play the kazoo. Music is something fun and disposable just like this sketch.

-Johnny Zito


Melissa said...

Awesome baby - I really like it cause a radio is also the only thing that I could play

Dick Neezy said...

Music is not disposable you fucking cock, is Picasso disposable? Can any one draw a Jackson Pollock and it still mean the same thing? I'll wipe my ass with the Mona Lisa before I dispose of music Mr. Zito

mello said...

Nick to the rescue! But... in Zito's defense - its a valid opinion. Considering the production and handling of popular music today it would be fitting to call it "disposable" since that is it's ultimate goal.
(Well, and it was the same for many classical musicians in the 18th century).

But everyone's trying to write that one Beethoven's 5th or Stairway to Heaven


You can tell Mello went to college :)