Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Week Four: Music - Al Bruno

I kicked around a good number of ideas for this week but ultimately settled on this one, which is closest to my original concept for the topic.

I was pretty stuck on the idea of a person composed of music notation, and at first thought to simply make a bust of Bach with a white background in this fashion. But I felt Bach was too specific and liked the idea of just a girl listening to some unknown piece. You can't really tell what her expression is either (a happy accident that I like), and I feel the background lends itself to music's sacred quality.

Face in Flash, background in Paint Shop.



I like what you ended up doing with the background.

I don't consider texture enough.

mello said...

I agree, I love the texture, and the concept. This is absolutely fantastic.

Anthony said...

Why are you good at everything?

Melissa said...

I love everything about this one ... fabulous Al